Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers @ 2014 Outside Lands Music Festival - Photo by Daniel Kielman

Remember, love wins.

If you remember nothing else going forward in these tumultuous times, Nicki Bluhm wants you to know those words.

On Sunday, January 29, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh held a “Thunder & Lightning”-themed Phil & Friends concert with at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. In addition to Lesh on bass, the friends on the bill included Bluhm on vox, Stu Allen, Dan Lebowitz, drummer Alex Koford and Jason Crosby rounding out the sound.

The concert was held in the wake of the President’s now-suspended executive order prohibiting individuals from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. On January 29, protests were taking place at airports in cities nationwide.

“Among all the despair and sorrow we were all feeling,” Bluhm later reflected in a post on her website, “that night at Terrapin felt like a big hug both backstage as we discussed the goings on and also in the Grate Room where we came together as band and audience to experience what we needed most that night…the healing sounds of music.”

The note continued:

I was touched and even brought to tears by the sounds and sights that occurred that night. There we all were, in that room, together, supporting each other and finding refuge from the craziness happening in our country. It was then I realized that focusing on the solution instead of the problem and approaching it with love and compassion felt a lot better and more human than being angry and spiteful. It was late that night after the show lying in bed, mind reeling, unable to sleep that I wrote this song. Imagine a modern day “Kumbaya” if you will. My hope is that this song will be sung around campfires for years to come, spreading the message to Remember Love Wins.

Watch below: