7.1.17 Iggy Poster

You heard it here first. These ain’t no alternative facts. These are thee facts, Jack.

FACT: Iggy Pop and Buzzcocks will perform for the first time ever in Oakland’s beautiful Mosswood Park for this year’s Burger Boogaloo. Either one of these bands would be reason enough to drive down from Vallejo, but to have both together…sheeeet.

FACT: Saturday July 1st line up: Iggy Pop, Guitar Wolf, NoBunny, Baby Shakes, Bloodshot Bill, Personal & The Pizzas, Wounded Lion & Car Crash!

FACT: Sunday July 2nd line up: Buzzcocks, X, NRBQ, Roy Loney (Flamin’ Groovies), Shannon & The Clams, Quintron & Ms. Pussycat, La Luz, Jacuzzi Boys & Glitter Wizard!

FACT: There will be many more surprises added in the coming months. The infamous evening parties always deliver. Stay tuned for updates HERE. After 10 hours in the park, you know you’re gonna need a few more bands (and a lot more beer).

FACT: Don’t be no fool! Get your tickets NOW (links below). This is historic!

Iggy - by Sukita

Early bird tickets have already sold out and the Boogaloo has put some of that money to good use. Last November, a two-alarm fire broke out at Mosswood Park’s recreation center, which also serves as the HQ for the Boogaloo. Because Mosswood has always been so generous to the Boogaloo, this year, the festival donated 100% of the first week’s early bird ticket sales to help rebuild. If you’d like to contribute to Mosswood Park’s Rec Center Fund, you can do so HERE.

Tickets go on sale RIGHT NOW with 2-day general admission passes for $129. If my calculations are correct that works out to $64.50 per day! The price of a latte at those other music festivals.

OR you can be the envy of every jean jacket wearing mofo in town: VIP 2-day passes are $199 (includes a swag bag with mixtape, a college diploma, and more, as well as unlimited exit/reentry privileges!).

Single-day tickets can be purchased for Saturday and Sunday at $99 and $69, respectively.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

AND returning for the 3rd year in a row: … J O H N … W A T E R S !!!!