Meanest Man Contest

Meanest Man Contest, an off-the-wall hip-hop/R&B/soft rock duo, released their debut album way back in 2003, and somehow they’re still making great music today. Their most recent release is a cover of late San Francisco band Thee More Shallows‘ “Night at the Knight School”. Meanest Man Contesttook a wonderfully odd song and applied their somewhat signature style of what I guess could be described as crisp/clean chiptune meshed with big fuzzy drums. It’s all a great fit, and is available as a 7″ via Weirdo Weapons, MMC’s Eric Steuer’s merch company, which also offers some very cool SF-related pins.

In addition to the More Shallows cover, Meanest Man Contest also updated a couple of their EP’s with remixes and improved mastering – 2008’s Some People and 2009’s Partially Smart. They’re both available on spotify (or below) and would be great to revisit on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.