Rayana Jay

Download: Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bay Area Artists to Watch in 2017 (Podcast #400)

This episode first aired on KQED.org.

Our first mixtape of 2017 is our annual survey of some of the best new and emerging San Francisco Bay Area performers to watch over the coming year. The fourteen up-and-coming local acts showcased in this mix come from a wide variety of genres, and whether it’s the experimental hip hop of Siri, Marbled Eye‘s urgent post-punk, or the heavy psych of Feral Ohms, to highlight just a few, there’s a wealth of talent on display here.

As in past years, the challenge in compiling our 2017 “Artists to Watch” mix wasn’t how to find new performers worth including. To the contrary, the difficult part of putting together this mix remains trying to limit it to a reasonable number of acts. That’s a nice problem to have, to be sure; more importantly, though, it’s reassuring to know that although affordability continues to challenge so many local musicians, the Bay Area remains home to an abundance of young and emerging musical talent.

Listen to the mixtape to learn more about all fourteen San Francisco Bay Area artists.

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Track Listing

Rays – “Drop Dead”

Siri – “Lucid”

Aria Rostami – “Clepsydra”

Marbled Eye – “Coated”

Silver Shadows – “Fragile Dawn” (Update: Unfortunately, Silver Shadows has decided to break up, but check out their great new LP!)

Boy Scouts – “July 9 2015”

Xiomara – “Siren”

Unity – “Comes to You”

Feral Ohms – “God of Nicaragua”

Circuits – “Favorite Eyes”

Imerald Brown – “Back and Forth”

Perhapsy – “Baptism 89”

Petheaven – “Fear of Dark Water”

Rayana Jay – “Too Good”