Vantana Row

Vantana Row is a married couple (Volly Rocket and Jamey Blaze), who live in a van in Alameda and make what I guess could be called hip-hop influenced chiptune punk screamo? And somehow it works! January 1, they released 4ourIver, which is one of many albums they’ve released. While I personally haven’t been able to listen to all 23 tracks in a row or analyze the lyrics, (and I’m not sure I want to), as I skip around I’m hearing songs that aren’t quite like anything I normally hear. Which is why I keep coming back. Give it a listen yourself:

Vantana Row have been making what Volly Rocket calls “OK records” since 2015, but she tells me 4ourIver is a step toward a more defined sound. Volly also let me know that the two of them do pretty much everything in their van, personally and musically. They even record drums in their van. Vantana Row also has a long series of youtube videos that are a mixture of music videos and a documentation of life in their van. Basically, you can spend the rest of your day digging through Vantana Row content on the web if you’re so inclined. Here’s a video from “Season 3”: