The She's at the Independent, by Kristin CoferThe She’s (photo: Kristin Cofer)

As soon as I got in line, I was surrounded by members of other bands in the Bay Area. From Quaaludes to Jay Som to Bear Call to Sirena Victima to Pardoner. The She’s brought out everyone, even people who probably have never played a show together, but all love The She’s and the Bay Area scene. After one of the most stressful weeks of the year — already — we all were there together for a band that makes everyone happy, not only when seeing them live, listening to them alone on the 28 bus through Golden Gate Park, or just by having a conversation with them. The She’s are four of the most talented, humble, sweet, and valued musicians in this scene right now, their show at The Independent on the 26th was proof of this.

I had barely been going out since December when I sprained both my left knee and right ankle. I was so happy to be there, so happy to see how many people were also so happy to be there. To see Meat Market, who I’ve been a fan of them since 2012, but had never seen in a venue this size. Mostly I’ve seen them stuck behind very tall dudes in a crowded kitchen. I forgot how much I loved Meat Market, and how talented those guys really are.

Watching them from up in the VIP balcony felt surreal. I was there looking down at many of my good friends, favorite bands, who I’ve always just looked up to. To say the least, I was breaking my “ERIKA YOU CANNOT DANCE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DANCE OR YOU WILL RE-INJURE YOURSELF” rule.

I had never seen Terry Malts live, but I understood as soon as half way through the first song why I had been hearing so much about them. They are all very tall and so post-punk and really: everyone go see Terry Malts live, I can not describe how good it was, but it was really amazing.

Then it was time for what brought us all out in the first place: The She’s. It was packed. It was more packed than when I saw Rooney there with the members of The She’s. Though the crowd was more welcoming than any Rooney fan. I sang along to every song with my friends who were beside me. We danced along and were completely overjoyed because they were killing it up there. Everyone is in love with The She’s, but everyone that was there that night is now completely devoted to them. You should be completely devoted to them.

Anyway, I re-sprained my left knee and I do not regret at all. I needed that night. We all did. The She’s deserve the world.