Jazz Mafia Birth Of the Cool at SFJazz, by Jon Bauer
Jazz Mafia (photo: Jon Bauer)

Jazz Mafia, led by Adam Theis, performed Miles Davis’ Birth Of the Cool at The SFJAZZ Center on Friday night. The sold-out crowd was treated to an hour of this “musical experiment” masterpiece that was made in the ’40s and ’50s by jazz greats like Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Gerry Mulligan, and John Lewis.

Theis provided his own thoughts on his personal musical discovery and journey with this masterpiece of classic be-bop. Tracks such as “Israel,” “Venus de Milo,” and “Budo” were played with Jazz Mafia customized touches.

SFJAZZ featured this show in their 100-person Joe Henderson Lab – a small glass corner room, right on the corner of Linden Alley and Franklin Street. This gave the show an added feel of being performed “in public” with drivers rubber-necking and people walking by, stopping to enjoy the show as well.