It’s been an extremely trying couple of months here in the Bay, between the never-ending fallout from the election results and the continuing tragedy of the Ghost Ship Fire, which has spurred the closing of artist spaces around the country. However, in the wake of all this hardship, countless individuals have risen to the occasion, banding together to confront city officials and demand support for low-income artist communities. Spaces like San Francisco’s Gray Area Foundation have helped to create and manage the largest fire relief fund, and organizers have grouped together to form the Oakland Warehouse Commission, hoping to bridge the gap between the city and warehouse residents.

Oakland’s newly-formed Club Night are joining the effort to contribute to the countless residents displaced after the tragedy, and have put together a special release for the cause. The five-piece includes veterans of the Oakland scene, featuring members from groups like Meat Market and Twin Steps, and play their own blend of cathartic indie.

Club Night are teaming up with Oakland’s Poppy Press to screenprint posters for their February 11 performance with Joan of Arc. The posters will come with a digital download of a split release between the Oakland band and Joan of Arc’s Bobby Burg, who records under the moniker Love of Everything, and all proceeds will be donated to the Oakland Warehouse Commission. The Bay Bridged is happy to be previewing the split, which you can check out below. The snotty, effected vocals are exceedingly catchy, and the song packs plenty of surprises.

Joan of Arc, MAGAS, Club Night
Bottom of the Hill
February 11, 2017
8:30pm, $12