Electric Prunes at the Chapel, by Kristin Cofer

Electric Prunes (photo: Kristin Cofer)

Photos + Words by Kristin Cofer

I was really nervous on my way to meet up with the legendary Electric Prunes frontman James Lowe.

My nervousness quickly subsided, though, as I was introduced to him and we sat together in THe Chapel‘s restaurant, The Vestry. He ate his dinner, apologizing for eating in front of me, and offered me a glass of wine that was “really good.” He was wearing a leather jacket, and his blonde — almost white — hair framed a kind face.

We talked about all kinds of things, like astrology (he’s a Pisces), the music industry, how the band started in a garage, and how over the years, despite a rotation of members, he’s always kept the band going because he loves it. Lowe told me that his favorite tours were with The Doors and The Beach Boys.

The big message I took from our short yet wonderful meeting is to keep doing what you love. Lowe says that if you keep doing what you love, something good will eventually come out of it.

That’s easy to believe coming from a man who had a 30+ year hiatus from rock and roll, then began touring the world again in 1999 and hasn’t stopped since.