Once & Future Band

Sit back, relax, and let “Tell Me Those Are Tears of Joy,” the new single from Once & Future Band, put you into a fuzzed-out psychedelic trance.

The Oakland-based band is poised to release their self-titled debut with Castle Face Records on January 27. The night before, they’ll take the stage to celebrate at The Chapel with a stellar opening lineup featuring Kelley Stoltz, Dirty Ghosts, and DJ Frankie (Frankie Koeller from Papercuts).

Sure, Once & Future Band has a distinctly ’70s vibe, but this isn’t purely a nostalgia play — Joel Robinow, Raj Ojha, and Eli Eckert seem so steeped in the musical vocabulary of that decade, the tunes they summon are distinctly their own. For fans of Pink Floyd, ELO, early Genesis, and anyone looking for a shimmery come-down record, this band is a must-listen.

It’s bound to be a mind-expanding experience seeing this prog-loving crew play their new album live in The Mission next week. So turn on, tune in, and drop by The Chapel to space out with Once & Future Band.

Once & Future Band, Kelley Stoltz, Dirty Ghosts, and DJ Frankie
The Chapel
January 26, 2017
9pm, $15