Oakland genre-less band Meernaa has been busy in the studio recording a host of singles to be released in 2017, and we’re pleased to share their first release of 2017 with “Redwood”, via the incredible video below.

The visuals for the “Redwood” video began when its director, Cooper Kenward, was recording an album of his own at Tiny Telephone, where Meerna’s Carly Bond and Rob Shelton work. Between sessions, Bond and Shelton shared “Redwood” with Kenward, who immediately connected and wanted to make a video for it.

“​Cooper started conjuring up some concepts about the duality of the spirit in urban life and nature,” explains Bond. “The importance of getting back to nature to heal and find balance.” The incredible creature in the dream sequence was created by Eliza Smith (costume) and Kean Eggett (mask), and brought to life by the sweet dance moves of Natalie Warner. Carly tells me the furry dancer was designed to allude to the “Wilder Mann” series by Charles Frèger, as well as the works of Jim Henson. “We wanted the creature to feel a little dark, intimidating and otherworldly, but still maintain a sense of silliness so as not to take it too seriously,” Bond added. “Which, I think, is something of both Cooper and my own ethos in making music and art.”

In addition to the visuals, Meernaa makes a danceable track out of non-traditional rhythms and sparse instrumentals, which allow Carly Bond’s voice shine through. And at the end, she kind of blows me away when she shows off the low end of her vocal range.

Meernaa has been busy in the studio, with plans to release several singles in 2017 while also working toward an EP or full-length. They also perform live at the Chapel tomorrow night, opening for Mirah.

Mirah, Meernaa
The Chapel
January 11, 2017
9pm, $15