More Fatter Happy

San Francisco’s newest funk, rock, and jazz fusion experiment More Fatter just released the first taste of their upcoming album.

“Mr. Dassey” opens with a silky series of tones from bassist Adam Heymann and a rich vocal melody complete with hair-raising harmonies over a soft drum click, creating a gentle and inviting first minute. But as the song approaches the halfway point, the intensity kicks up a few degrees. Lead vocalist/guitarist Tommy Economou’s voice digs a bit deeper as the drumming of Danny Chiapelone and the emergence of the horn section,  trombonist/keyboardist Mark Fedronic and his trumpet playing brother Theo signals the full breach into funkified territory, a la a chilled-out Earth, Wind and Fire.

Tonight, the quintet will appear at The Boom Boom Room, San Francisco’s top venue for rising funk, jazz, and blues phenoms from around the country. Supporting will be fellow San Franciscan Matt Jaffe and his band The Distractions.

More Fatter, Matt Jaffe and The Distractions
The Boom Boom Room
December 22, 2016
9pm, $7