Download: Mixtape: Remembering the Musicians Lost in the Oakland Fire (Podcast #398)

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On Friday night, December 2, 2016, a fire erupted at the GhostShip warehouse in Oakland, ultimately claiming the lives of 36 people. The victims included artists in a multitude of disciplines, entrepreneurs, students, and teachers. All of them were passionate about supporting arts and culture.

Many of the fire victims were musicians, who, before their passing, had graced the world with recordings. This mixtape features eleven songs from these individuals as a way of remembering their talents, and celebrating their contributions to the world of music before their tragic passing.

To learn more about all of the fire victims, KQED is maintaining a truly moving collection of remembrances.

There are many ways to support relief efforts connected to the fire. The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts is maintaining a Fire Relief Fund, and there’s also a relief effort by the Trans Assistance Project, as well as a number of individual online fundraising efforts for victims’ families. While many benefit concerts and other events have already taken place, countless others are scheduled and surely will continue to arise over the coming weeks.

Our hearts remain with everyone impacted by this tragedy.

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Track Listing

Them Are Us Too – “Us Now”

Nackt – “Scheherazade (City Mix)”

Dilatedears – “Grace’s Anti-Gravity Glance”

Ghost of Lightning – “All is Fair in Dreams”

Cherushii – “Manic (featuring Kara Marie)”

R.M.S. – “Vinezzz”

Obsidian Blade – “Paradam Genes”

Paralycyst – “Altercation”

Symbiotix.Fungi – “PeopleLikeUs DEMO unmastered beta HT44v3 20140922”

Introflirt – “Could Be Fun”

Nightmom – “Drain Machine”