To say Lady Lamb has never done anything but wear her heart on her sleeve would seem obvious to any listeners of the debut, After. Lyrically and musically, Aly Spaltro left no emotional stone unturned from the start but somehow Tender Warriors Club, has lifted a veil of emotion and further exposed her trials in song.

The gates of the album open, and the waterworks are immediately cued. Spaltro spills: “Ttrying to be good / Trying to be kind / Trying to stay true / I just want to do right by you / Pale blue eyes” in the opening minutes, leaving us no choice but to reach for our Kleenex. The pace quickly shifts to the ambling flow of “Atalaia,” which sends us afloat the much gentler “Salt.” The tune is paramount not only to the album, but to Lady Lamb as a whole. It wanders down the road of a relationship that everyone has been through but few will confess ever feeling, only further solidifying Ms. Lamb as a relevant voice of her genre and our generation.

This wonderful collection of songs will be toured across the states in an intimate fashion true to the content. Dubbed the “Living Room Tour,” Lady Lamb has left it to her fans across the nation to submit suggestions for spaces including living rooms, backyards, and basements as venues to open up and pour the album upon. Select cities will be graced with stops outside the comfort of their couches and San Franciscans can catch her at The Chapel come March 11. Do your part to support her by buying the album here and grab your tickets for the show below.

Lady Lamb
The Chapel
9pm, $17