band relay

Words by Annie Bacon

In this age of oversaturation, musical curators are so important to those who need help sorting the wheat from the chaff. Algorithms chime in on this quest as Spotify and other services attempt to pinpoint our musical desires through playlists, but individual curators become important through their work in magazines, online media.

As part of The Bay Bridged’s ongoing desire to curate and deepen your awareness of your local music scene, we have created the Band-To-Band Relay. Each month we’ll start off with a single local artist, write about why we like them, and then ask them to pick and talk about another local artist they dig. We’ll carry the line as far as it’ll go, and start again the next month.

Our first relay made it from Kendra McKinley to Jay Som.

Annie Bacon nominates Kendra McKinley

Kendra McKinley

Although what initially drew me to Kendra McKinley was her uniquely gorgeous voice — at once seductive and cunning, twisting and writhing, melodic and surprising — there is so much more to love about this artist. A talented classically-trained guitarist, her songwriting style pulls skillfully from the jazz, bossa nova, indie, pop, and folk traditions while cultivating songs that always sound new. She is also a composer and orchestrator and has lent her talents around the SF music community.

Annie’s recommended track: “Honey” from Treat:

Kendra’s next show: December 20 at Bimbo’s Dolphina Lounge

Kendra McKinley nominates Madeline Kenney

Madeline Kenney

Madeline Kenney is a songwriting gem. Her honest lyrics command and comfort the listener as her powerful voice soars over lush, melancholic arrangements. Her music is emotional, sincere, and effortlessly cool; A perfect companion on a rainy night or lazy summer day. You can hear the sounds of Seattle in her distorted guitar, but her music can’t quite be distilled into one geographical location as she possesses a uniqueness all her own. One thing for sure, the Bay Area is lucky to have her.

Kendra’s recommended track: “Delicate” from Signals EP (Company):

Madeline Kenney nominates Jay Som

Jay Som

I am of course really into Jay Som right now. Her album Turn Into is gorgeously crafted and thoughtful, with a sweet and savory balance of depression and rock and roll. I’m so amazed and slightly envious that she played everything on her record…talk about girl-crush-times. I also think that she is incredibly kind and honest, which is the rarest of birds in this industry. Her live band is full of talented musicians that can really play their faces off.

Madeline’s recommended track: “Next To Me” from Turn Into (Polyvinyl):

Jay Som’s next show: December 14 at The Fox Theater

Annie Bacon is a musician (her life) and writer (her obsession) in San Francisco. She loves shouting out amazing local bands and finding new music (of any genre) that is emotionally moving or has depth. She also writes for The SF Critic, has her own band, and is raising a little drummer kid.