John Morgan
Photo: Wes Marsala

For years John Morgan was the heart and soul of The John Brothers Piano Company. He rolled his heavy upright piano from BART station to station playing alone or with the Brothers. Last year John left the band and moved to LA. He’s been working on several new projects including a collection of solo recordings called Songs for Other People. The first song released, “The Willows”, holds a slow, lonely sadness that brings to mind the crushing ballads of Chet Baker (if Chet played piano, anyway). The song leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and you will need to buy the record to hear the rest. I strongly encourage you to do so. It is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

John returns to Oakland December 16 for a show at The Octopus Literary Salon with his very talented sister Crosby Morgan. Long time collaborator and ex-John Brother, Greg Ashley is on the bill as well. It will be their first show together in some time and not to be missed. Greg also fled from California this year after the criminal mass eviction from the legendary Ghost Town Gallery. Fortunately, he quickly returned and his infamous Creamery Recording Studio is back in action right around the corner. Record with Greg for only $30/hour!

“Medication” is an obvious tribute to Greg Ashley who has at least 4 songs with “Medication” in the title and many more where drugs are the theme. John recorded on a 1902 Steinway and the sound he gets out of that piano is mesmerizing. Close your eyes and travel to Europe on the set of a 1920s silent film. Indulge in your depression; it is alright to cry. This piano witnessed far scarier motherfuckers than Donald Trump. There is raw, hope-filled beauty in these old piano strings, you can hear the haunted glory of imperfections.