Owl Paws New EP

San Francisco’s Owl Paws has announced a new EP entitled Smoke Rings & Diamonds.

The first single from the Sean Paulson-recorded album is “Animal Brain.” Captured at Different Fur Studios and mastered by Will Yipp, the track drips with melancholy as lead singer Derek Schultz yearns for a blunt treatment to numb his senses and return him to some notion of emotional equilibrium. The chorus snarls as he sings: “Take my animal brain and blow it out…medicate these wounds…’til I write it down.” At the heart of the tune is the idea of self-medication for art’s sake. And in this case, whether that’s fiction or fact, Owl Paws delivers a beautiful folk-inspired rocker that will make fans of The Avett Brothers blush with exuberance.

This is the first new music from the band since their debut full-length Reservoir came into the world last year. Listen to Schultz alongside Timothy Vickers, Lucas Siobal, and Wayne Mills as they light up “Animal Brain” below and follow Owl Paws’s touring adventures on Twitter and Instagram.