Yet another holiday tradition starts tonight in the Mission led by Luke Sweeney. The psych rocker returns to Amnesia for a three-week stint with a new set of acts performing every Tuesday (the 6th, 13th, and 20th). The bookends to the trio of shows host three performers each night including Luke Sweeney. Week two, on the other hand, boasts a crowded holiday themed show with up to ten acts. Get the scoop on everyone taking the stage below:

Week One: Luke Sweeney, K. Skelton, Sun Like Drugs
Week Two: Luke Sweeney, Eight Belles, Efft, Joel Robinow, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Kendra McKinley, Tarnation, Uni & Her Ukelele, Upstairs Downstairs + more
Week Three: Luke Sweeney, Magic Trick, Miller Carr

Only a few months out from releasing a pair of songs including “Red Hot Demands,” Sweeney gifts a holiday number you can grab on Bandcamp now. “Deep in the Heart of Christmas” is a slower tune complete with jingle bells and vocals that take broad, relaxed strokes to and fro. As a plus, it’s confirmed that ‘deep in the heart of Christmas there is no selling out.’ He tackles all the instrumentation on the song save for the percussion provided by engineer Roberto Pagano. The song was recorded this past month in San Francisco at Faultline Studios.

Want more of an idea of how much holiday spirit will be involved? Prior to last year’s residency that included a few similar faces to this year’s lineup, Sweeney recorded yet another Xmas tune, “Loveless Christmas”. That said, there should be plenty of fresh takes on seasonal standbys to influence the collection of set lists. If you prefer to just camp out at Amnesia for the day that works too as there’s a free set of stand up comedy each week before the shows (7-9pm).

Luke Sweeney’s Holiday in Amnesia
December 6, 13 20
9pm, $7, 21+