Sad13(photo: Shervin Lainez)

It’s been a big year for Sadie Dupuis. The Speedy Ortiz frontwoman and outspoken feminist moved from Massachusetts to Philadelphia early in 2016, where she began to craft her debut solo effort under the moniker Sad13. Slugger, out now on Carpark Records, finds Dupuis ironing out more personal themes that push beyond the playful wordplay of her previous collaborations. Slugger is a solo album in the truest sense. She writes and sings all of the lyrics and vocals (with the exception of a guest verse from Sammus), plays nearly every instrument (providing innovative guitar effects), and is solely responsible for recording and producing the album.

Deploying deep-cutting hooks while throwing a big middle finger to misogynists and male dominance, Dupuis explores essential themes regarding affirmative consent (“If you want to, you’ve got to get a yes!”), toxic relationships (“I’m your favorite person, but you don’t have the proof”), and wage equality (“You’ll pay us what we’re owed / We work as hard as those / Making hella dough”), just to name a few.

Sad13 is currently on tour with Vagabon, with the addition of Lisa Prank on the West Coast leg of the tour. Emily Reo, who previously opened the show with her own set, will continue on the tour as a member of Sad13’s headlining live band. Catch all three acts at Hemlock Tavern this Friday, December 2.

This tour introduces the Bay Area to New York songwriter Lætitia Tamko, better known as Vagabon. Following the release of 2014’s Persian Garden EP, Vagabon is set to release her debut full-length Infinite Words on Father/Daughter Records in February 2017. Prepare to be stunned by poignant, honest lyrics, somber guitar melodies, and passionate swells of sheer ambiance. Listen to the album’s lead single “Fear & Force” below.

Seattle’s Robin Edwards will perform the opening set as Lisa Prank. Adult Teen is out now on Father/Daughter Records. As previously reported, Father/Daughter is donating all Bandcamp digital sales to Planned Parenthood for the remainder of 2016.

Sad13, Vagabon, Lisa Prank
Hemlock Tavern
December 2, 2016
9pm, $10 (21+)