It has only been just over a year since Cave Clove, the long-running music project led by Katie Colver and featuring Melissa Kilkuskie on percussion, evolved into a full fledged four-piece. Guitarist Brent Curriden and Alisa Saario on bass have been planted themselves firmly among their compatriots from the stage to the studio. As if they had yet to log enough band hours,  they may have set a new precedent for hardcore tour life: group dentistry.

Between a handful of treks up and down the West Coast, Cave Clove found the time to seclude themselves within the walls of Tiny Telephone and create an 11-song record. The self-titled release includes the 2014 single “Kyrie” but outside of that is all new original material. The vocals are quick to cement themselves as the driving force from the opener. Not to sit idly by in the background, the rest of the band equally shares the spotlight.

A few songs in, it becomes hard to pigeonhole the guitar by genre. It bounces from an almost prog rock stance in “Sky” to more psychedelic means minutes after in “Slipping.” A deep bassline is front and center driving “When We Were.” The strength of the cymbal crash matches the background vocals echo in “Your Freedom” on each hit creating an additional voice. Before the halfway mark, it’s clear the whole foursome is behind the Cave Clove sound. Stream or download Cave Clove on Bandcamp or pick up a real compact disc at Starline.

Now that you can finally hole up somewhere and listen to a full set of music I asked songwriter and vocalist Katie Colver what you need to create the perfect environment before hitting play:

The ideal Cave Clove listening state of mind is “ready for transformation.” Many of the songs are about the pain of knowing you need to change something but not quite being able to do it yet. Others are about the deepening of relationship with self and being ready for the next phase of something. I would first and foremost recommend listening to the full record on a long drive alone. The music is groovy and also pretty emotional so it’s thematically good for introspective times or settings. It’s also great cooking music, because then you can dance while you cook. Or, if you’ve got 45 minutes to completely give yourself to the music, I’d recommend taking a little puff, then lying down with some good speakers or headphones.

The first sounds you’ll hear upstairs come compliments of San Francisco’s Midwest-tinged troubadour Kelly McFarling. With her band, The Home Team, in attendance, expect a full atmosphere to surround her finger picking and songwriting at the intersection of blues and country. The other bookend to Cave Clove’s performance brings forth the final piece of the California-centric lineup, San Diego’s The Donkeys.

The Donkeys, Cave Clove, Kelly McFarling
Starline Social Club
December 1, 2016
8pm, $15 (21+)