Trust us: After the weeks we’ve had lately, you need some Daughter in your life.

Wrapped in beautiful riffs and tender, hesitant vocals, Daughter is the remedy for our national turmoil. Formed in London 2010, Daughter moved swiftly up the indie-music ranks in their native country before making similar moves stateside. Now, with approval from tastemakers the world over and major festivals under their belt, Daughter is coming to The Warfield as they close a huge world tour.

Though Daughter makes some of the most cooing, comforting melodies you’ll ever hear, don’t expect to take a nap — singer Elena Tonra and Co. are a little more lively in person, as this year’s Glastonbury set can attest. Live, they turn up the fuzz and back the lyrics with a little more urgency, which makes for a magnetic live show. But if you’re looking for a chill night rather than a raucous rock concert, you’ll still have come to the right place if you come to The Warfield on November 29.

Daughter is the perfect band for this transition to winter. Cleanse yourself with them at The Warfield on November 29.

Daughter, Alexandra Savior
The Warfield
November 29, 2016
8pm, $25