CRX Album Cover

Take a healthy dose of California sunshine, add a heap of adoration for The Cars, stir it up with the signature guitar sounds of The Strokes, sprinkle some Queens of the Stone Age on top, and you’ve got yourself the debut album from CRX.

New Skin comes from the musical mind of New York City’s Nick Valensi — guitarist for The Strokes. Produced by Josh Homme, the album bubbles with the kind of aggressive, staccato grooves and haunted harmonies you might expect from a QOTSA album. Nick serves as freshly-minted lead singer and songwriter with CRX and propels the sound into brighter corners of garage rock than we’ve ever heard from his east coast main squeeze, The Strokes.

On New Skin, Nick delivers a guitar-heavy, hook-laden power pop record filled with slick six string moments of shred and instantly recognizable shout-out-loud club-ready choruses. Join the party with Nick at Slim’s on December 3 alongside bandmates Ralph Alexander (The Dose), Richie Follin (Guards), Darian Zahedi and Jon Safley (The Reflections). Watch the high-speeding music video for “Ways to Fake it” below.

CRX, Dead Heavens, Streets of Laredo
December 3, 2016
9pm, $16