Carlos VarelaCarlos Varela

Lest you forget, San Francisco doesn’t just produce/attract garage bands. It produces and attracts a lot of them, for sure, but it also has played important roles in experimental, electronic, jazz, and world music scenes. One of the best places to find artists outside our indie norm? Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA).

YBCA presents SF Sonido Fest, a four-day music festival that spotlights Latin and Caribbean artists, bringing music that knows no borders. Each night will feature a different artist who has made an impression on the Latin scene, approaching traditional art forms with modern sounds. The performances poetically capture triumphs and challenges of their journeys and native lands.

The lineup includes guitarist and composer Diana Gameros who has collaborated with everyone from Joanna Newsom to Magik*Magik Orchestra to Charlotte Gainsbourg. Edward Simon and Ensemble Venezuela headline night two, featuring music from Venezuela with special guests Maria Alejandra Rodriguez and multi-instrumentalist Jackeline Rago. December 3 welcomes a performance from Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela, whose work was a feature soundtrack in the blockbuster hit, Man on Fire. The big finish is Aurelio Martinez, one of the foremost interpreters of traditional Garifuna music, on December 4.

Not only are all four accomplished musicians covering a rich diversity of music, many of them have histories in social and political activism. Now more than ever, their work is warranted.

Tickets are $20, with a 20% off deal for all four nights. Student, teacher, and senior discounts available.

SF Sonido Fest: Diana Gameros, Carlos Varela, and more
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
December 1-4, 2016
8pm, $20