M. Lockwood Porter at Neck of the Woods, by Robert Alleyne
M. Lockwood Porter (photo: Robert Alleyne)

Last Sunday night, November 13, 2016, Berkeley resident M. Lockwood Porter played to an intimate crowd at Neck of the Woods. It was a somber performance and a powerful one at that, with songs like “Charleston” now sounding eerily prophetic.  Opening act Anna Tival told some great stories to accompany her songs, and Justin Farren took requests for some songs that he usually didn’t perform. It was a great night for those in attendance, and our own Robert Alleyne was there to photograph the excellent selection of images below for your enjoyment.

(Editor’s Note: M. Lockwood Porter is playing our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. If you’d like to see him for yourself and support Bay Area arts while you’re at it, buy your tickets here!)