During their early 1990s run, San Francisco trio Icky Boyfriends perplexed local audiences with a singular and often unnerving take on primitive garage-punk. More recently, the band, and its place in weird-rock history, received renewed interest when Castle Face released one of the group’s reunion shows as 2014’s Live in San Francisco LP.

This year, Icky Boyfriends are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the group’s 1996 film, I’m Not Fascinating: The Movie!. Directed by Danny Plotnick, the movie offers a warped take on the band-seeks-stardom rock comedy that feels as unique — and uniquely bizarre — as the band itself.

Next week, the movie is screening at the Alamo Drafthouse on Monday, November 21, as part of the Drafthouse’s “New Mission at 100” series highlighting movies shot in San Francisco. As that inclusion highlights, the film offers a window into San Francisco in the ’90s, as filtered through Plotnick and the Boyfriends’ lens.