Car Seat Headrest at the Rickshaw Stop, by Jon Ching(photo: Jon Ching)

Will Toledo and his musical vehicle (pun unintended) Car Seat Headrest will play in the city for the fourth time (!) this year when they take the stage at Great American Music Hall on Monday night. Buoyed by the strong reaction to their fabulous 2016 release, Teens of Denial, Toledo and company have steadily gathered followers, allowing them move up in venue size from The Independent and the Rickshaw Stop to the airier confines of GAMH (he also made an appearance at the Treasure Island Music Festival).

The budding fame of Car Seat Headrest is completely warranted, and this fourth SF date really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Toledo was a bit of a social media hero for his prolific output on Bandcamp, where he self-released 12 “albums” on the site before making his official debut for Matador with last year’s excellent Teens of Style.

His earlier work combined elements of good ol’ Guided By Voices-style indie rock with some more electronic-based music that recalled The Magnetic Fields at their most experimental. Although it has plenty of indie hallmarks, Teens of Denial is more straightforward rock, with Toledo leading a loud, up-tempo approach for the album. The highlight of Teens of Denial, is “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales,” an animated multi-part suite that Toledo has been playing live for over a year now.

After selling out The Independent and Rickshaw Stop, Toledo has a little more room to fill out at GAMH, so tickets are still available for the show. Although he sports boyish glasses and has the reputation of a bedroom auteur, Toledo plays an absolutely raucous and entertaining live show. Fans should buy up those remaining tickets while they still have a chance.

Car Seat Headrest, Naked Giants
Great American Music Hall
November 14, 2016
8pm, $16