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Friday, November 4

DāM-FunK, Adam Vida, B-Side Brujas @ Eli’s Mile High Club
Don’t sleep on the last installment of LMSFN’s monthly series at Eli’s Mile High Club. Plus, there’ll be coconut shrimp waiting for you.

La Sera, Springtime Carnivore @ Swedish American Music Hall
Greta Morgan, the force behind Springtime Carnivore, is like a “surrealistic view of pop music — a world where people collect comets in their hair, and emotional instability dictates natural disaster,” so says our writer Kaiya Gordon. Sounds much more unpredictable than my scrunchie collection from the ’90s.

The Sam Chase @ Mystic Theater
Because Sam Chase is so easy to quote, we’ll let him explain what his music addresses: “It’s every frequency at top volume. It is the constant stream of auditory bullshit from soapbox messiahs, corporate mouthpieces, apocalyptic fear mongers, plastic smiling partisan political hacks, and the uneducated millions who try to hang onto the few scraps thrown to them from the table of power.”

Elephant Stone @ Milk Bar
Elephant Stone is a “Burger band,” but instead of sounding like PBR drenched snot rock, they’re a Montreal psych rock trio.

Saturday, November 5

Blackwulf @ Toot’s Tavern
Oakland based Blackwulf is a political heavy metal band playing at a venue that sounds like it could be a ride at Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland.

Wet Hot SF Summer @ Neck of the Woods
Do not miss out on this show of local cuties with a bill filled with garage rock and doo-wop.

The Americans @ Bottom of the Hill
Opt for something more low-key and emotionally introspective with The Americans, a Los Angeles rock band with vocals like the Wild West.

Sunday, November 6

Honeyblood, Hazel English @ The Chapel
Come out and support Scottish rock band Honeyblood in case those recently hiked visa rates for international musicians make it impossible in the future.

The Bay Area Record Fair – B.A.R.F. @ Swedish American Hall
Mingle with your local record labels, vinyl hoarders, and music community. B.A.R.F. always feels like Christmas and your birthday combined if tangible music products gets you tingly…and if you’re reading this post, then why the hell wouldn’t they?