museum hackA group of Museum Hack guides goof around.

In SF, hidden history is all around. You’ve got crushed tombstones at Buena Vista Park, shipwrecks on Ocean Beach, the site of a duel over by SF State, the list goes on and on.

There’s even hidden history in museums, where so much of the human story is already on display. But there’s so much more to the subjects than just some paintings they did or items they owned — there’s a real, complete life behind the untouchable artifacts hanging on the walls. Enter: Museum Hack.

Museum Hack provides small group tours that scrape the top layer off the story presented in a handful of institutions across the country, one of them being the de Young. With their guidance, they’ll give you the full story on the people behind the exhibits — the family secrets, the sex, the police records, and all. Here at The Bay Bridged, where our main goal is to get you off the couch and out in your local arts scene, whatever that may be, we full endorse Museum Hack’s mission to bring you a fresh perspective on dusty, stuck-in-time museums.

The next available tour at the de Young is The VIP Tour,”which we feel compelled to tell you includes wine. Museum Hack also does company team building, so get the gang together for a non-boring corporate retreat.

Museum Hack: VIP Tour
The de Young Museum
November 4, 2016
7pm, $49

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