Alice Cooper at The Warfield, by Ria BurmanAlice Cooper (photo: Ria Burman)

Alice Cooper dazzled The Warfield Wednesday night with a spectacular set brimming with all things ghouly, glitzy, and garish. A sparkling pyrotechnic intro for Alice had the crowd on their feet, who remained cheering and stomping through the show to the sweet-deep riffs and heartbeat-thump of guitar-fueled excellence and undeniable presence.

The set moved from classic foot-stomping sing-alongs, to song-stories abot snakes, guillotines, and electric chairs, with some ballet to boot. A twisted take on vaudeville executed with finesse and bad taste had Alice Cooper in top form with rambunctious, riveting entertainment.

Covering The Who, Bowie, and Motorhead along the way, Alice Cooper shook the stage with his rock and roll homages to the bands’ resting heroes. Add in badass beat and bass solo sections, a surprisingly graceful Frankenstein giant, and enough smoke on stage to make Christopher Lee to rise in glee, Alice Cooper non-stop rocked the night away at The Warfield.