Greg Ashley and Inaniel Swims
Greg Ashley and Inaniel Swims at the old Creamery Studios

A little over a year ago, Caen, France’s Inaniel Swims came to the Pacific Coast to play some amazing shows and record an EP at Greg Ashley’s Creamery. The Frenchmen seemed to click with Greg – the EP turned out great and was pressed to vinyl, and Ashley booked a summer tour of France with Inaniel Swims as his backing band. A last-minute eviction of Ashley’s Creamery Analog Studios led to a bit of a mental breakdown at SFO that kept Greg from ever getting on the plane to France, but that’s not where the story ends ends.

In anticipation of Greg’s arrival and the tour, Inaniel Swims had booked studio space to rehearse with Greg for a few days. When Greg didn’t show, they were left without much to do, so they decided to record songs from Greg’s Another Generation of Slaves along with “Who Were You Thinking Of” by The Texas Tornadoes – Ashley told me he “played that record non stop when we were partying” during Inaniel’s Oakland visit. The sessions had a bit of an eerie vibe – while Inaniel Swims were recording the songs, they didn’t know anything about Greg’s whereabouts. “I can swear it was really weird to sing Greg’s song without having no news from him at all,” explains Inaniel Swims frontman Inaniel Dupont. They sent the mp3’s to Greg while he was in Texas trying to figure out what to do with his life. “Very sweet of them,” says Ashley. I must say, I agree:

As if that isn’t enough, Greg Ashley and Inaniel Swims’ story STILL isn’t over. Ashley has about half an album recorded at his Oakland studio, but he’s going to finish it up in Caen at the studio of Inaniel Swims drummer Nicolas Brusq with the band backing him before going on tour in France this January. “Can’t wait to play with them,” says Greg. “They are great musicians with great pop sensibility.”

Inaniel Swims Covers Greg Ashley
was released for Cassette Story Day, but a few copies are still available via We Want To Wecord’s Bandcamp. Greg Ashley performs at the Octopus Literary Salon Saturday night with Brian Glaze.

Greg Ashley, Brian Glaze
Octopus Literary Salon
October 29, 2016
9:30pm, $8