Billy Bragg & Joe Henry at the Great American Music Hall, by Ria Burman
Billy Bragg and Joe Henry (photo: Ria Burman)

Photos and words by Ria Burman

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry graced the stage for Monday night’s sold-out show at the Great American Music Hall, touring their new album, Shine A Light. A sweet concept of an album it is, too. The traveling musicians pay homage to the railroad songs of yesteryear recording tunes in train stations they stop along on their own dual journey.

The show, split quarterly, began with the duo sharing stories and songs of their railroad adventure and recordings before Billy Bragg left Joe Henry to enjoy his guitar and piano solo set. After the interval, Billy Bragg brought the audience hoot-hollering and a cheering with his political-punch presence, charging the crowd to bring down the man and stand strong in unison. The night ended with Joe Henry rejoining Billy Bragg for a relax and chill, campfire-like song sequence full of lost loves, train track travels and the fight and longing for freedom.