Kid Trails

Kid Trails is the solo outlet for Oakland’s Patrick Jeffords, who you may recognize as a member of Toro y Moi’s touring band. “The Side” is the first track from Kid Trails forthcoming debut full length, Kid Trails Rising.

“The Side” is a sweet, bouncy psych/country/pop tune that feels right at home accompanied by iconic San Francisco images. Jeffords, who also directed the video, took it in an appropriately strange direction with a combination of Myachi tricks (and hidden messaging) combined with shots of satanic ceremonies that are a direct nod to Kenneth Anger’s “Invocation of my Demon Brother“. Anger actually filmed “Invocation” in the William Westerfield House, where you can see Jeffords singing and a devil roller skating. It’s an homage to San Francisco’s freakier past that keeps it weird with a sense of humor and modern quirks:

Kid Trails Rising was recorded at a Chaz Bundick’s Berkeley studio (before Chaz moved to Portland), Jefford’s Oakland apartment, and Different Fur in San Francisco. It will be available on cassette via Kid Trails’ Bandcamp November 1 followed by a local release show at a yet-to-be confirmed date in December.

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