Kikagaku Moyo at Brick & Mortar Music Hall, by Ria Burman
Kikagaku Moyo (photo: Ria Burman)

Photos and words by Ria Burman

Kikagaku Moyo psych-rocked the roof off the Brick & Mortar Music Hall Sunday night with slow, pleasurable dream-trip jams, which gradually led to almighty crescendoes of head-rock, sweat-drip, delirious, desirous, rock-n-roll abundance.

Hailing from Tokyo, Kikagaku Moyo brought to the stage the sweet reminiscent feel of what the ’60s may have been like. As bands back then began broadening their horizons, breaking the three-minute song rule and experimenting with lengthy improvised jams influenced by the jazz world. Kikagaku Moyo took it long and slow, dream-state-style, allowing the listener to slip and melt before tempo changes, surprising and satisfying, awoke the dreamer at the doors of psychedelic folk-rock, wild and euphoric.

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