Blossoms at the Rickshaw Stop, by Robert Alleyne
Blossoms (photo: Robert Alleyne)

Last Friday night saw the live debut of Los Angeles band Mondo Cozmo to an enthusiastic and ready crowd at the Rickshaw Stop on October 14, 2016. His debut had some in-crowd banter and played a song that he’s most famous for a sample that has yet to be cleared but still got the crowd going.

On the bill was British indie rock band Blossoms who appear to be living up to their billing as the next big thing from across the pond. The band was obviously excited to be playing in the states while maintaining an aura of coolness, engaging in some nice banter with the crowd over the set list even. Their big single, “Charlemagne,” ended their set, the band joking that they can’t travel all the way to the Bay and not play the song.

Out photographer Robert Alleyne has these photos of both bands below for you to check out.

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