ghost ship

Over the summer, Toronto electronica pioneering trio The New Deal began hinting at sporadic fall show dates including a TBA San Francisco tease. That tease has been revealed as a Friday night headlining spot during Ghost Ship: Atlantis. Joining together a roster of 50-plus DJs and performance artists as well as a star-studded musical lineup, Ghost Ship enters its ninth year at Pier 70 in the Dogpatch neighborhood of the city.

The New Deal released Mercury Switch earlier this year in March. They took a three year hiatus between 2011 and 2014 after amassing 1,400 shows in 12 years. “I think we’ve come up with a way to take the best from both the live and studio worlds and make something that’s going to have the energy of a live show, but shaped in a way we could only do in the studio. The New Deal has always been about development,” says keyboardist Jamie Shields. “When we’re performing on stage our goal is always to create a fresh musical idea and see in real time how we can develop it — melodically, harmonically and structurally.  Because we approach every show with an improvisational mindset, we know that every night brings a different concert, a different vibe and a different audience experience. Even with all those variables, it always ends up sounding like a New Deal show: exciting, driving and incredibly danceable!”

Several firsts for the festival are coming through this year, including The New Deal’s appearance at all: they will be the first-ever live band performance at the event. Also new to the 2016 Atlantis edition is a VIP package with perks that include all-inclusive bars, private bathrooms, entrances, and an elevated mezzanine viewing level as well as a multi-faceted and highly organized drag show.

Another major highlight of the event comes out on Saturday: a reunion set of 20-plus piece circus that is The Mutaytor. The Mutaytor was born on the Burning Man playa in 1996 when “Matty The Mutaytor” brought every single instrument he owned and encouraged the playa residents to join him on a stage of bubble wrap. Described as a birthday show in Vegas, Halloween, and NYE rolled into every show, the troupe has expanded from a highly technical drum circle into performance art that takes place on stage, in the crowd, and everywhere in between. Following a 2007 run-in with Chris Hansen and Dateline, Matty left the group, but the spirit of the playa clearly remains invariably larger and more encompassing than the vision of a single person.

With past events boasting a Victorian-era ship, a 1930s cruise ship, an alien spacecraft hovering over a zombie ghost town, a massive nuclear submarine, a 40-foot tall clipper ship, and last year’s atomic stage, the MAKE BIG ART! team is incorporating the mezzanines and other new spaces into their most ambitious layout ever. Along with their megalomaniacal schemes, Ghost Ship will again feature original installations by the leaders of the Bay Area’s dynamic large-scale production art community, and interactive kinetic games, and sculptures.

Ghost Ship will be accessible by bicycle, but there is no parking near the venue and public transit is highly encouraged. Please ask taxi drivers to drop you off att the intersection of 22nd and 3rd.

Ghost Ship Halloween
Pier 70
October 28 + 29, 2016
9pm, $40 (21+)

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