Cute Is What We Aim For at The Rickshaw Stop, by Estefany GonzalezCute Is What We Aim For (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

This year marked the 10-year anniversary of the album The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch. The record put Cute Is What We Aim For on the map and it has since sold countless copies. While the New Yorkers have played in the Bay Area a handful of times, Sunday, October 9, was the band’s first time playing at Rickshaw Stop.

At the start of the show, frontman Shaant Hacikyan told the crowd to sing along with him. He said he didn’t care if the audience knew the words and encouraged them to make noise— any noise.  Yet, no strange noises emitted.  Instead, the concert served as a giant singalong for Bay Area fans who grew up listening to the tracks on the album.

Cute Is What We Aim For played each song as though no time passed since the record’s inception. The group jumped around, joked with fans, and told stories of their journey as a band.  The small venue provided a close an intimate setting for music lovers to see the band up close and personal, so much so that Hacikyan was fist-bumping and posing for pictures with fans during the set.

Photos by Estefany Gonzalez

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