Neil Hamburger Pic
Not every comedian can be Kevin Hart. While some comedians revel in the standard tropes of stand-up comedy (observational jokes, punchline deliveries, et cetera), others just can’t abide the by the restrictions of traditional humor.

Gregg Turkington certainly falls in the latter category. His onstage alter ego, Neil Hamburger, is a greasy, washed-up lounge act with a horrible combover and a two-dollar tuxedo. When he’s not berating his audience members, he’s delivering groaners of one-liners that assault the sensibilities. And it’s all pretty fucking hilarious.

Delighting in turning comedic cliches on their head, the Neil Hamburger character is an uproarious send-up of all the strange foibles of the stand-up world. Turkington, who got his start in the industry by putting out bizarre albums from his San Francisco home base in the ’80s, isn’t necessarily making some principled challenges to the norms of established comedy — he’s really just doing what he thinks is funny.

Seeing how he stands outside the realm of ‘normal’ stand-up, it’s no surprise that he’s found a niche at local music clubs. On Sunday, he’ll take his act to The Independent, performing on a bill with Sad Vicious.

Neil Hamburger, Sad Vicious
The Independent
October 16, 2016
8pm $16 (21+)