Feral Ohms

Between the above picture of Ethan Miller in his element, and the killer song included below, any words spent describing the ferocity of Oakland heavy psych trio Feral Ohms are likely redundant.

“The Glow,” which we’re premiering today, bursts out of the gate at top speed, delivering an unrelenting three minutes of explosive rock and roll. The song is also a showcase of sorts for the chemistry between Miller (Comets on Fire, Heron Oblivion), Chris Johnson (Drunk Horse, Andy Human and the Reptoids) and Josh Haynes (Nudity), seasoned vets who’ve been playing together as Feral Ohms for several years.

The band’s first LP is the newest entry in Castle Face Records’ unparalleled Live in San Francisco series, which continues to set the standard for live album recordings by capturing killer live acts in a way that is both raw and eminently listenable.

Ethan Miller recently shared the following thoughts on Facebook about the live album:

It was recorded the third night of Thee Oh Sees 3 night stand (FO were support) at the Chapel in SF in 2015 by the legendary Castle Face ‘Live in SF’ series recording team of Chris Woodhouse, Eric Bauer, Bob Marshall and John Dwyer directly to tape on a Tascam 388. We debated about whether to release a live record or a studio record as our debut but Dwyer who has been a great supporter and fan of the band over the last 3 years said “RAW RAW RAW!!!” It is indeed speedy and raw and full of steamroller vicious energy that is nigh on impossible to replicate without a highly game audience of wild kids and a large tattooed man in an orange tank top shaking his first and yelling at you while slugging back glasses of Jamesons from the side of the stage. Indeed. That said, between the team’s analog engineering, Woodhouse’s mixing and JJ Golden’s fine fine mastering, the beautiful B&W photography of Brian Pritchard (and of course Dwyer’s napalm enthusiasm) this record came out sounding like an ideal; at once meeting the Dwyer RAWRAWRAW requirement while also giving the sonic experience of what it’s like to stand in front of Feral Ohms and hear us play the very best we know how and beyond. Paint was peeled. Tape rolled. They got it. Here it comes. Caveman Psych forever!!!

Feral Ohms’ Live in San Francisco arrives on November 4. On November 3, the band will be celebrating the release with a show at the Hemlock Tavern. Additional acts presumably will be added to that show, but one listen to the song above is probably all of the sales pitch a psych rock fan could require.