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Local literary lighthouse Dave Eggers has put together a brand new independent project to raise awareness and urge voters to avoid Donald Trump in November by fighting politics with music.

Launched on October 10, 30 days ahead of the presidential election, Eggers and his team unveiled ’30 Days 30 Songs,’ a daily playlist that features a mix of older tunes along with brand-new songs inspired by the turbulent race.

In the first week, Bay Area artists will be featured. San Francisco’s Thao Nguyen will have a track featured as well as Peninsula resident Bhi Bhiman. Bhiman’s track, “With Love, From Russia” was released this morning. As if the soulful groove and spoken-word melody isn’t catchy enough, the lyric video plays over a graffitied wall depicting Trump lip-locked with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Check it out below:

All proceeds from the streaming of ’30 Days, 30 Songs’ music will be donated to The Center for Popular Democracy.