Cute is What We Aim For
During emo’s golden area, Cute Is What We Aim For released The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch, an album that became a a must-have for many music lovers. As the band embarks on a tour for the record’s 10-year anniversary, fans submitted enough request to Fanbassador, a site that allows fans to bring artists to specific cities, to add a tour date at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

The band’s lineup has undergone a number of changes throughout the years, with frontman Shaant Hacikyan as the only constant member. Now, Tom Falcone and Jeffrey Czum from the respective album are back in the official lineup.

The trio started this reunion with the intent of only playing shows in Australia, but quickly realized they had to play in the states as well. “It was something we had to do,” Hacikyan says. “We didn’t even think that we were going to be doing the US tour.”

The frontman credits the idea to his fans and Fanbassador co-founder Chris Ring. “Fans that were supportive are obviously the ones making this a reality, but it was also our friend Chris,” Hacikyan says. “We grew up together and we told him we were going to Australia. We had a meeting with him and asked him what we should do after and he said, ‘Well, you should tour the US.’” From there the band announced a full list of tour dates, along with six Fanbassador shows.

While Hacikyan and company played a number of concerts in the Bay with Paramore and Jack’s Mannequin, and headlined a few shows too, he’s humbled by how many fans he still has in the area. “The response was pretty overwhelming and it just made it undeniable that we had to go play there,” he says.

So far, what the frontman has enjoyed the most about the tour is the sense of growing up with his fans. “We were just kids when this came out,” he says. “Here we are 10 years later and people are telling us about their kids or how they met their wives or husband at a Cute show.”

He said he noticed this type of connection to music growing up, but didn’t understand it until he was older. He remembers being over at a friend’s house whose dad would constantly play Bon Jovi: “It used to drive me crazy and now here I am, playing Taking Back Sunday every three days just because that’s when I was the most impressionable and discovered what I loved.”

For Hacikyan there’s also a new element to playing these songs live. “There’s never a syllable that isn’t screamed back. It just makes every single night a total trip,” he says.

While anthems such as “Practice Makes Perfect” and “Curse Of Curves” are popular at Emo Night and resonate with fans, the slower songs such as “Lyrical Lies” hold a special place in Hacikyan’s heart. The song references his grandfather, who passed away. “He supported me and this crazy dream I had,” Hacikyan says. “When we play, I get to talk about him for a moment. I don’t know if I believe in the whole someone watching you from the other side but it makes me happy to sing it.”

Hacikyan is glad to still be on the road after 10 years. “We were so lucky and it blows our minds to think we’re still so lucky,” he says.

While the band is currently unsigned, Hacikyan said there will be another Cute album in the near feature. “I want to try and give us a whole go again,” he says. “I think it has to happen. Even if it doesn’t do well, it’ll be nice to know that we just wrote another chapter, one that we could maybe rest our heads on.”

Cute Is What We Aim For, Call Sign , Get Married
Rickshaw Stop 
October 9, 2016
8pm, $15

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