The San Francisco band Blossom has been sitting on their new LP, Pure Love, for a while now, debating endlessly when they should share it. Well, today is the day! Listen to Blossom’s full-length LP in its entirety below. Take yourself back to the memories of your lost loves, endless nights of being wide awake, and hoping for the future.

Recorded at The Atomic Garden, Blossom uses Pure Love to create a new relationship and blend concepts and sounds. Pure Love, as they explain it, “serves as an extension of the physical, interpersonal, spiritual, natural, and sometimes upsetting love that we experience.”

Blossom has a lot of upcoming shows to look out for, but if you’re not doing anything tonight, you can celebrate this release with them tonight at Eagle Tavern.

Blades of Joy, Toner, Blossom
Eagle Tavern
October 6, 2016
9:30pm, $7 (21+)