Poor Things

Last week San Francisco’s Poor Things premiered their debut EP, Bad Cursive, over on DoTheBay. Officially out today on Gaylord’s Party Music, Bad Cursive is bedroom pop done right. The six-song EP is highlighted by simple two-part harmonies executed with chemistry and charm throughout.

Today, we’re getting a closer look at Poor Things (even if you already know them from their work in French Cassettes, Tino Drima, and Boy Scouts). Like their audio recordings, there’s definitely a theme of lo-fi DIY, but there are hints of professionalism that elevate it above crappy iPhone recordings while remaining raw and intimate. And while they might not have actually recorded the video in a bedroom, you definitely feel like you’re getting a peak at a private place of creation.

Gaylord’s Party Music is releasing a trio of tapes this week: from the aforementioned Poor Things, Minta & the Brook Trout, and Levi Minson. You can see Poor Things and Minta at Amnesia tomorrow night, and if you’re feeling crazy (or live close to Modesto), you can go see all three in Modesto Wednesday night.

Talk of Shamans, Poor Things (Tape Release), Minta & The Brook Trout (Tape Release), DJ Ry Pieri Art Boss
Tuesday, October 4
9pm, $5