In the early 2000s, Apple debuted Garageband, and forever changed the relationship between recording artists and the ‘studio.’ Breaking down the costly barriers between DIY artists and spaces to capture their efforts has resulted in a flood of new singer-songwriters and accompanying Bandcamps and SoundCloud links. Alex G, who most recently appeared on Frank Ocean’s Endless, built a cult following through his prolific releases, all recorded and produced using a single microphone and a MacBook.

Taylor Vick, who releases music under the pseudonym Boy Scouts, recorded her first release in the late aughts using a copy of the software. After years of collaborations and other projects, she’s released her first full-length under the moniker. Homeroom Breakfast, recorded by Vick on her laptop, is 12 songs of delicate, harmony-laced folk, sprinkled with staticky drum loops and iPhone voice memos. The songs rarely follow traditional structures, and the many quirks make them all the more memorable. There are hardly any drums on the first four songs, but the melodies and chanting refrains carry the songs so well that the absence of a rhythm section is only apparent when ‘July 9th 2015’ kicks in, with it’s steady, driving beat. Album closers ‘Blue’ and ‘The Park Behind Walmart’ really put the talented songwriting on display, both mellow songs drawing their strength from the emotional vocals and playful lyrics.

San Francisco’s proven that despite the click-bait articles on its artist migration, there are still talented artists sticking it out. Listen to Homeroom Breakfast below.