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When friendship and collaboration are two of the most valued things in a musical project or band, it’s obvious. It comes out in the lyrics, the way it is sung, the way the instruments mash in perfect chaos. SOAR is Chaotic Good, you can tell this is something new to all of them, that they all love playing together, and that all love and respect eachother. Especially when you’re in a room with all four of them, because they won’t stop complimenting each other.

SOAR is a Bay Area DIY supergroup, and I don’t mean this lightly. Every band that they have been a part of has and is amazing. Rebecca Redman, who will put “Drumming is Easy” on her gravestone, is also the behind Watercolor Paintings. Jenna Marx is behind Joyride!, who are working on a new album. Shannon Bodrogi is in Void Boys, who are not broken up but in hiding. Mai Oseto is in Dreamspoiler. Together they spoil us all and make SOAR.

1. How SOAR came to be:
Jenna Marx: We all knew each other in different ways through music. I met Rebecca because my best friend was moving to Santa Barbara, she was looking up cool indie bands in the area and we found Watercolor Paintings’ Myspace. Then we were like “they seem cool.” Then we met at a conference because we had similar politics.

Rebecca Redman: I agree, that’s how Jenna and I met. Then a few years later, Jenna finally started a band and we played this funny fest called “Break-fest.” I watched Jenna’s band play, Mother Ducker and the Eggs, and it was in the suburbs, in Mountain View. In 2007.

Shannon Bodrogi: I remember I saw you (Rebecca) play in that old bowling alley (Serra Bowl).

RR: We didn’t meet at that show.

SB: We didn’t, I saw you play. I also knew that you existed in Santa Barbara in my youth, in my high school days. I feel like we really met like going on tour, honestly.

RR: I didn’t meet Mai until after the internet thing that put this band together happened.

JM: Mai and I have a good story. Mai and I met at the Joyce Manor show that Joyride played at Bottom of the Hill. Mai’s brother was visiting and asked to take my picture, then was like “oh my sibling moved here.”

Mai Oseto: I had been obsessed with Joyride for months.

JM: I gave Mai a flyer for a show I was booking at Thrillhouse and we got there early and were helping with cleaning because the basement flooded. It was really nice. Then one summer Mai, Shannon, and I did Bay Area Girls Rock Camp at the same session.

Then I made a Facebook post about how I wanted to be in a band with other ladies and cool people.

MO: Shannon commented on it, my brother tagged me because I was too embarrassed and shy to write.

JM: Then Shannon volunteered Rebecca.

RR: And I begrudgingly said, “Oohkay.”

JM: It makes sense we became a band through Facebook because we’re all super-organized.

2. …And now this leads to 30 minutes of complimenting each other:

RR: We’re the most responsible, on time, like, aware-of-each-others’-struggles, keeping-things-easy-for-everyone band. Except Jenna had to carry a heavy amp three times today and now her back hurts.

SB: I should have carried it!

JM: It’s just really important to be on time.

RR: And to share responsibilities of the heavy amp.

The Bay Bridged: I hate punk time because I hate being late so I understand.

SB: Punk time, get your shit together!

RR: It’s punk to punctual. It’s punk to be respectful.

TBB: Let’s start a trend where things actually start on time.

SB: That’s why I love being the opening band, because we can be like ‘We’re going to start right now. Oh, you’re not on time? Okay well, ooh.”

JM: I think it’s also really broke the scenes up, because if you’re going to Oakland to see a band and live in SF, then the headliner plays at midnight, you have to leave before. I want to go shows in Oakland but because of that I usually don’t.

TBB: Though the BART coming to SF from Oakland actually runs later. Last one is usually at 1:10am. I still leave before and use the midnight thing as an excuse because I just want to be home.

RR: I love using transportation as an excuse.

TBB: It makes me feel like Cinderella.

RR: Gotta go turn into a pumpkin.

TBB: In my own bed. I love bed. How’s touring and being away from your bed?

SB: It’s so hard. I always miss my cat. Last tour we had amazing accomodations though. We only slept on the floor once.

JM: I will not not sleep in my bed if I am two or three hours from my home.

3. The beauty of SOAR is how well all of them mesh together. It’s obvious they would if you knew them, but it’s also so more obvious when you see them live. 

RR: One of my favorite things about SOAR is that we’re friends.

JM: We weren’t at first.

RR: We were peripheral acquaintance friends.

SB: We respected each other. I thought you all were really cool.

JM: Going to tour with each other was so easy because we like each other.

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Frankie Cosmosiji, SOAR
Starline Social Club
October 3, 2016
7pm, $18