(photo: Samantha Casolari)

Everything about Frankie Cosmos — the vehicle for singer-songwriter Greta Kline — is endearingly low-key.

Kline has a quiet, sinuous voice that never rises to the point of heedless urgency, and the pacing of her songs has the torpid, meandering qualities of her fellow laid-back contemporary, Courtney Barnett. Matching the universal feel of her music, Kline’s lyrics delve upon issues to which we can all relate — relationship disappointments, personal insecurities, being homesick, etc.

Kline’s latest album as Frankie Cosmos (which she stresses is the name of the band, not a pseudonym), is called Next Thing and it’s a remarkably grounded creation — a collection of unassuming folk and indie rock tunes that resonate because of their charming simplicity. This unpretentious effort is all the more surprising, considering Kline’s parents are Hollywood actors (Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates), and she’s in a relationship with a (kinda) famous musician, Porches’ Aaron Maine.

With such a laid-back demeanor, it’s no surprise that Kline is a repeat fixture at the Swedish American Hall, a music club with few frills but plenty of warmth. She’ll be performing at the Market Street venue (for the second time in six months) on Sunday night.

Frankie Cosmos, iji, Try the Pie
Swedish American Hall
October 2, 2016
8pm, $16