Your favorite electric violin-governed rockers are hitting their own campaign trail bringing the sounds of Everyone is Dirty to as many corners of America as possible. The Oakland four-piece powered by Sivan Lioncub (violin, vocals), Chris Daddio (guitar), Tony Sales (drums), and Tyler English (bass) sets off today starting through the Southwest and preparing to leave 20 lucky cities with ringing ears.

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Dying is Fun, the band’s debut record, has hit two years old, but if you’re playing catch-up I suggest starting your education with “California” or “Mama, No!!!” on repeat for a minimum of one week. Fast forward to earlier this summer when we got our taste of what the band has been up to since: In July, they dropped the two-track Banana Split along with another new song “Silver and White” being featured on the latest OIM record compilation.

During the final leg of the tour the return show will have a few surprises in store, unless you were in attendance at last year’s Night of the Living Shreds party. On that fateful night, French Cassettes took the stage as James Brown, Summer Peaks as The Strokes, and Everyone is Dirty as David Bowie. EID will be returning to that same stage on Saturday, October 29 for another round of cover sets, with Everyone Is Dirty as David Bowie, Tino Drima performs as Roy Orbison, BATTLEHOOCH performs as Prince, and Midnight Sons performs as The Byrds

The party is being thrown by Sea Witch and DoTheBay in sponsorship with Yondr. That’s the latest start up in the realm of de-phoning venues which will provide phone cases that lock your device while in a certain perimeter. Sooner or later we’ll see if the general show-going population can handle the sacrifice for the greater good of dealing with less screens in your view of the stage. To distract you from that phantom vibrate from your trusty sidekick, there’s an important reason why the show is so close to Halloween. Play dress-up and be rewarded with a discounted $10 ticket at the door.

Everyone is Dirty, Tino Drima, Battlehooch, Midnight Sons
Brick & Mortar
October 29, 2016
9pm, $10 (18+)