The fourth installment of Backyard Paradise will string together a full day of music, food, drinks, and art this upcoming Sunday.

There are plenty of organizations and small groups in San Francisco for every interest, and thankfully that includes people wanting to bring local artists front and center on a neighborhood level. The Backyard Paradise Collective is a group of individuals that hold an intention of maintaining the psychedelic consciousness alive in San Francisco today. If you have a few hours to kill between now and Sunday you can look back at their last event held in July:

The music lineup is already worth the price of admission, with locals Travis Hayes, Kendra McKinley, Yours, Miss Lightning, Vandella, Loco Tranquilo, and more. If you demand more, more, more with your afternoon, there’s an open bar thanks to Laughing Monk and Moose Juice. Don’t drink? There will be tea service. Hungry? Food is available on site. And with multiple installations being featured all bases are officially covered.

This weekend’s event will be hosted by the co-living and very live-music friendly Agape house in The Mission. If you have yet to find yourself within the San Francisco landmark, be sure to frequent their events page on their website. The estate has a long, interesting history worth brushing up on before setting foot inside, but the newfound musical tendencies appear to be a recent trend. Since 2012 when the current crew of tenants took up residence, a handful of Sofar Sounds performances have been held inside among other regular events organized by the housemates.

And before you grab your ticket the most important takeaway comes straight from the collective. With everyone welcome to join the party, the only requirement is that one comes with an open heart and mind, ready to “meet their lover on the dance floor.”

Backyard Paradise Vol. IV
Agape (address provided upon ticket purchase)
September 24, 2016
12pm, $15-25 (sliding scale)