If you’ve been following the sounds of Emily Afton back when her earlier moniker Emily Moldy held heavier folk leanings, you are assuredly already listening to Archetype. If you are a more recent disciple, let it be known the debut record from the Oakland songstress is out today. Afton has released a handful of singles for a year, playing some live for much longer. “Severing the Knot” was the first official taste of what was to come:

In celebration of the album, Starline Social Club in downtown Oakland will host the release show presented by Oaktown Indie Mayhem. The spectrum of sounds in Archetype move from solo piano-focused ballads to dark pop numbers with deep basslines and rich percussion. If the five-years-in-the-making collection of songs is too intimidating for newer fans, Emily broke down the kind of universe you’ll be welcomed into come nightfall:

“What people can expect from an Emily Afton show is to get lost in a nostalgic dream world. This show will be particularly other worldly as Marina Fini will turn Starline’s upstairs ballroom into a neon space haven.”

Going above and beyond throwing an eclectic show, leading up to the songs of Archetype will run the gamut from dance fueled electro-rock to some bright cotton-candy pop to warm up the crowd. Bebe Huxley makes the trek up from LA with some music that may sound more familiar around three in the morning in an abandoned dance club. Returning to a home turf stage are Oakland’s The Lovemakers who will whose dance rock tendencies are simply just not seen enough these last few years.

Emily Afton, The Lovemakers, Bebe Huxley
Starline Social Club
September 23, 2016
9pm, $10