Band of Skulls at The Fillmore, by Jon ChingBand of Skulls (photo: Jon Ching)

Last night’s show at The Fillmore was a nice sample of the spectrum of modern rock music. MOTHERS showcased an introspective and melodic side of indie rock, full of intricate instrumentation and tight composition. Seemingly sporadic bursts of sounds proved to just be well-rehearsed and purposefully woven into their distinct style, all the while the fullness of Kristine Leschper’s vocals strung everything together, defining their opening set.

Leaning into and summoning the crowd, Band of Skulls led their headlining spot with fervor. Acclimated from the UK and making their way through their North American tour, they played solid high-energy, foot stomping rock n’ roll with a delightful undertone of disco. That mixed with dynamic stage presence and thunderous drums got the floors of The Fillmore bouncing. With months still left to tour, their SF performance is a good indication that they’ll be bringing it all to the stage every single night.