Madeline Kenney

Man, has it really just been a year since we first told you about Madeline Kenney? She’s released a steady stream of material since then, and each release seems to bring more depth and confidence from Kenney.

Her latest track is an Arthur Russell cover for the second non•market compilation. Kenney bravely tackled Russell’s “That’s Us/Wild Combination,” replacing some of the funkiness of the original with with a sense of distant wanting, while also executing some glorious harmonies and rounds. Kid Trails, Lalin of The Seshen, Perhapsy, and There’s Talk also appear on the comp, which you can order here.

Madeline also recently collaborated with OMG OAKLAND and a couple badass girls to film a video for “Delicate,” off her Company Records debut. It’ll make you feel good:

Look for a non•market comp and zine release show featuring Madeline Kenney, Kid Trails, and There’s Talk at the Hatch in Oakland October 7. Madeline tells me she’ll be attempting an entire set of Arthur Russell covers before going into hiding to work on her debut full-length.